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Skydive Gran Canaria is a sport club dedicated to promoting sport parachuting in the following disciplines.

Tandem jumps, as the best, safest and fastest way to show the public our sport and to introduce the people to the art of skydiving in freefall.
-skydiving courses to our sportsmen, not only to locals but also to visitors of the canary islands.
Help to the progression of our actual skydivers and also for all of our skydiving visitors from Europe and other countries.

SKYDIVE GRAN CANARIA was founded by Francisco(paco) Romero, who has been in this sport for almost 29 years in the canary islands. He was the one that opened the first sport club in the canaries, thus making the parachuting sport possible in our territory since 1977.

Actually he has logged over 16000 jumps, 7400 of which are tandem jumps.
Instructor since 1980, AFF and TANDEM instructor since 1986.
He is one of the most qualified skydivers in Europe and with the most number of jumps during his skydiving activity.
Paco Romero is also en experienced scuba-diver instructor, windsurfer and rally driver, still active in the canary islands.

Professionally, Paco Romero is an economist and has been bank director and financial manager for over 20 years in the biggest company in the canary islands.
Actually he runs his own company (important distribution company in the canaries) and has the skydiving as his hobby, managing as president skydive gran canaria.

References about the club or himself can be obtained in any bank in gran canaria or thru the chamber of commerce of Las Palmas, President of Cabildo de Gran Canaria and in several other more institutions (Federacion Canaria de los Deportes Aereos).

SKYDIVE GRAN CANARIA has a very well known image in Europe and thru the main tour operators and travel agents.
Actually our club works together with Neckermann, Thomas Cook, Tui and several other tour operators.
We are also giving our services to Anfi del Mar, the best hotels in Gran Canaria, and to all the tourist resorts, bungalows and apartments in our island.











In the last year Skydive Gran Canaria was chosen to participate in important TV programs for Gran Canaria by two English TV´s and two german tv programs(ZDF and VOX)

In our Club we have the best well known Tandem Sport Rigs available world wide, the famous SIGMA TANDEM which are valued in over 10000 euros each, together with several sport rigs for our visiting skydivers.
Our permanent target is the safety and the high quality standards of our jumps, including the high performance of our videos and pictures in freeefall.

For this reason our equipments are permanently overhauled and well maintained, changing all the important components every 300 jumps or every 6 months.

Skydive Gran Canaria offers insurance to our tandem guests up to 1.500.000 euros, made with an important german insurance company (worldwide coverage).
Also our tandem instructors have the Spanish Aerial Federation insurance which covers not only the tandem instructor but also the tandem student or tandem guest.

Our club operates a CESSNA 206, the best and most flexible plane for skydiving. It carries up to five skydivers and pilot or two tandem pairs and a cameraman.
The jumping altitudes range from 2500 meters to 3500 meters. At this altitudes we can reach freefall times between 25 and 50 seconds, opening the main parachute at 1500 meters.

We never accept in our staff tandem masters with less than 500 tandem jumps and 1000 total jumps, thus increasing our safety records permanently.
Our staff counts with 2 tandem instructors, one cameraman, 2 support, safety and marketing persons, one general secretary and one packer and driver.

One of our main goals is not only the safety but also the service to our visitors and the friendship that our guests deserve.
We have a courtesy minivan, 9 seats and air conditioned, making possible the transportation of our skydivers from the drop zone to the club. This service is free of charge.
As a very important tradition, we have almost every night a "video show" in a very nice pub for our visitors. In this place we give the new students (tandem students) the certificate of the jump and play the videos of the day and a very nice demo video of our performances in freefall.









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